Kingswood, a Royal Place to Live

Long time ago Kingswood was a royal forest used for hunting for those who lived in Bristol, back to Saxon epoch, then, in seventeenth century it developed into a coal-mining spot and became a prosperous town in Victorian times. Now it also has some minor industries, like shoe-making and motorcycles production.


A Magnificent And Popular Place

A magnificent and popular place to acquire real estate for living, you can do it through site,  because it is a calm and friendly place very close to Bristol. So close that most people, even those who live in Bristol, consider it part of a big city. Technically Kingswood belongs to South Gloucestershire, another county, but in fact it´s a part of Bristol.


Bristol is an extravagant British town with beautiful views to the hills and numerous historical enclaves to explore.

If you’re interested in boats, you’ll enjoy yourself aboard of the real British ship –  Brunel SS Great Britain –  the world’s first major ocean liner, together with Matthew, a replica of the John Cabot´s boat to America during the fifteenth century. Climb aboard the vessel, considered one of the most important ships of the nineteenth century, and relive its last splendor while sailing between Bristol and New York. Visit the kitchens and lounges, get on the rig and get a better view of life on the waves during Victorian times due to very elegant decoration and atmosphere.

Bridge Road

Suspension Bridge Road, located in Clifton, is another visit not to be missed. Unforgettable walk by the bridge with stunning views to the city of Bristol. So, the Bridge, built in nineteenth century, crosses the Avon Gorge and the Avon River, linking two different districts. The view from the surroundings is spectacular. It is worth doing it by foot to see the panorama from different points of view. Totally recommendable.

Cabot Tower

Another place to go is Cabot Tower. A good way to see Bristol almost completely from above, famous for a panoramic view which you can enjoy sitting on any of its terraces. This monument is really charming as you can see old things that have not been modified for hundreds of years. Near the Tower there is garden, ideal to have rest after climbing, where you can enjoy the nature and even some squirrels calmly revolving around the area.

Cabot Tower

So whether you want a modern and bursting life of a big city or a comfortable place to rest, both Bristol and Kingswood are welcoming you.