Crisis In Greece, Or Why You Should Buy Real Estate Now

Over the past three years in Greece there has been a drop in prices by up to 30% and now they are very lucrative. Of course, sellers want to get the most for their property, but it’s important to remember that there is always an opportunity to negotiate a price and a discount for Greek property.

Why Greece? Facts & Figures

Judging by many expert reviews, 2017 was the time when real estate, especially houses in Greece, became not only affordable, but also profitable in terms of investment with subsequent profit. Moreover, travel industry during crisis, in contrast, shows unprecedented growth. Since the beginning of the year, this has already been appreciated by citizens of many foreign countries. read more

10 Tips Before Moving to Kingswood

Are you going to change a big city for small Kingswood? Can’t decide whether it is the right decision or not? Don’t know Kingswood good enough? If these questions have been bothering you for some time already, you definitely need our help.

Today we’re going to give you 10 basic tips everyone should know before moving to Kingswood. This will help you to understand whether a small town named Kingswood will be the right fit for you to make you happy.


Town vs City

Can a place make you happy? We can’t be sure, but studies show that people who live in smaller towns and countries are happier than those who prefer big megapolises. But then there are studies which show the opposite. So, who is right? read more

Why Is Kingswood the Best Place for Living?

A lot of people wonder how people in the UK live, what their everyday life is, what the usual practices of their daily existence are. There is a general opinion that Great Britain is one of the top countries where the happiest people live. There’s something in this idea. UK residents, especially those who live in Kingswood, enjoy life and luxuriate every moment.

Benefits of Living in Kingswood

We often talk about the UK standards, quality of life, and reforms. But what’s the reality of living in a city of a highly developed country? read more

Cool Places to Visit in Kingswood

Great Britain is an amazing kingdom, with many beautiful and interesting cities to visit and live in. Of course, London is a wonderful city, but if you have come here for a long time, you should pay attention to other British areas to see and visit. Kingswood is one of such places. The town has a long history, and one of the oldest and the most prestigious schools is located there. If you like the nature and would like to see old and traditional Great Britain, then Kingswood is your top destination. There you will find a lot of museums, gardens, and parks. Gloucester Cathedral, Eton College, Windsor Castle are among the top places to visit. read more

Where to Rent Property in Kingswood

Kingswood is a small, cozy town in South Gloucestershire, England. At the first sight, the place is pretty simple and typical: a population of 40.000 people, a clock tower in the center, a church, a farmer’s market, and a museum. But this is not what attracts foreign tourists to visit Kingswood every year and citizens from bigger regions to leave everything to move to this place.

Kingswood property

Kingswood is a British town with the incredibly beautiful nature. Just imagine breathtaking views of lavender fields, farms full of sheep and swine, the outstanding beauty of hills and rivers, fresh air and ideal landscapes. All of these describe Kingswood the best. The only issue is where to buy or to rent property in Kingswood to spend there a couple of days or weeks. This question is definitely not a problem. read more